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Mid Day Meal

  • General Information

Project Name Providing Nutritious Midday Meal, School Necessities & Health checkups of school kids Project
Project In-charge Name Rtn. Kalpraj Mehta
Host Rotary DLF
Primary Contact
Member’s Involved 27 + members involved
Cost of Project INR 8,35,000/-
Project Start From June 2009
Project Places At Rajkot City of Gujarat State
  • Objectives

The project was to adapt the schools of the backward areas & provide the students with basic schools necessities & daily nutritious meals. The heart of the project is to promote education in backward areas and also strengthen the health of these poor students.

  • Accomplishment

With this project we provided daily nutritious meals and school necessities to needy students of backward areas. The mid day meal provided daily protein & nutrition requirements of the child in one single meal, so as to stop any disease being caused due to malnutrition. With the team of member Rotarian doctors, we did regular check up of these students & provide required medicines & other required treatments.

The students come from poor – labour class families, where they cannot afford uniforms & other school necessities. We provided all these school necessities like notebooks, uniforms, school shoes, water bottles, Tiffin boxes, etc, so that more and more students get encouraged to study. We also provided these poor students with daily mid-day meals, which acted as nutrition supplement, the achievement Students regularly, attend their schools and interested in further study.

  • Beneficiaries

Total 250 students were beneficiary from 4 schools. Attendance increased by 150 %.

  • Photographs
Enjoying their Meals

Medical Examination

A Satisfied Child

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